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We pay rm100 per visit (for only 20 minutes work) + meal allowance!

CONTACT: 014-888 1001

We will be looking for mystery shoppers for various states in Malaysia.

As before, we pay very good rates to our mystery shoppers.

We will call for your interest nearer the project date.



Yes, I know it has been a long time! We have about completed the mystery shopping project.

We are now looking for a mystery shopper for Kuching and Miri.

Johor Bahru: DONE

Well, we are on the road again, starting with the JB branch. After this, Kota Bahru and Kuala Terengganu!

Kuantan: DONE

We are taking a short break from this mystery shopping project as the customer prepares to re-train its staff on customer service.

Seremban: DONE

Muar: DONE

We are moving along pretty smoothly and everybody’s happy so far. There are still many branches more to go, but we expect things to be just as smooth for the rest of the project. Once again, a big thank you to all those who wrote in or inquired – we would have loved to give you all the opportunity to mystery shop ….. maybe next time!

Mystery Shopping Update:

Sungei Petani – DONE

Alor Star – DONE

Note from Randolph:

I am happy with the first two mystery shopping reports and will probably use the same mystery shopper for the next 2-3 assignments.

Mystery Shopping starts next week (March 15 onwards) in Sungei Petani and Alor Star.

If you are located in those towns, send a sms to 019-222 1001.

To those who have written/smsed me, I may call you if appropriate.

Next towns would be Seremban, Muar and Johor Bahru.

Mystery shoppers required for 20-minute work (estimated) in Malaysian towns.

Alor Star, Sg. Petani, Kota Bahru, Kuantan, Muar, JB, Seremban, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Sibu.

MUST be able to travel to the towns mentioned above. Preference given to those located in towns mentioned.

Flights (to and fro), transport to airport (to and fro), hotel accommodation (if needed) and daily meal allowance FULLY PAID by us, besides the rm100.

You need to be:

1. Observant

2. Able to write a report of your visit (in English)

3. Disciplined

If you think you fit the above requirements, send an SMS to 019-222 1001. Give me a short description of your background (age, current job, why you think you qualify…..). Or send me a PM.


We pay top rates to our mystery shoppers, but you better be good! (Not to worry – all you need is to be observant and be able to write a clear, detailed report). Read the post on ‘What it takes to be a good mystery shopper’.

Are you mystery shopper material?
By Dana Dratch

The qualities that make a good mystery shopper are the same ones that make a good spy.

You need a good memory for faces, names and details. You’ve got to remember what goes on, step-by-step, during your shopping trip and be able to recall it in graphic detail later. You may jot down notes afterward, but you can’t do it when you’re on the job.

Acting ability helps, too. You have to read the scenario the company wants you to follow. The instructions can get complicated and you have to get it right the first time. With most secret shopping assignments, you don’t get a second chance, says Anne M. Obarski, executive director and founder of Merchandise Concepts.

And if you get “made,” you risk not only your own reputation, but also that of the company that hired you.

The best mystery shoppers are people who can think on their feet, says Obarski. “Pretend you are the shopper,” she says. “What would you want to know? What are some of the things that are driving you crazy?”

Good communication is also a must. While some jobs will require a fairly simple multiple-choice report, the better-paying jobs will expect you to write clear and lengthy reports. Many firms ask for a writing sample when you sign up as a mystery shopper, says Ilisha Newhouse, author of “Mystery Shopping Made Simple.”

Obarski always targets shoppers who speak and write well. The purpose of mystery shopping is to capture “a snapshot in time,” she says. When the shopper can recount the experience effectively, the client is pleased.

Secret shoppers also need to like people. You’ll be spending much of your time talking with people to get assignments and talking to people while on assignments.